IMEDD helps the Monaco-Ventimiglia port to valorize its environmental and social interests

The Principality of Monaco is currently experiencing a unique moment in its history around its commitment to the seas and oceans, with the hosting of the 51st session of the IPCC, the first report on the oceans, the Monaco Yacht Show, the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Global Ocean and so many other international initiatives.

More locally and always in an international perspective, Monaco is committed to the environment. Indeed, the Principality of Monaco has been associated for some years in the construction of a new port in the city of Ventimiglia in Italy, announced as a port able to resist to climate change. The Marina of Ventimiglia (Cala del Forte) is part of the Ports of Monaco-Ventimiglia and it pursues the goal of enhancing the attractiveness of the region around the environment and luxury sustainable superyachting and tourism.

A few weeks ago, H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco came aboard his superyacht, accompanied by an official Monegasque delegation, to meet and see the progress of the “Cala del Forte” shipyard and they met the management team, the city of Ventimiglia’s Mayor and the Italian official personalities.

Indeed, the port of Ventimiglia is located in an area of ​​environmental interests, with, on one side, the marine protected area of ​​”La Mortola”, below the Handbury garden, and on the other side, a natural area of ​​interest for the birds of the Roya River.

IMEDD has been following the construction of the Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia for many years and has initiated a study on the following theme: “How does a port of environmental interest contribute to economic and social development and to cross-border education for future generations? “

This study is a world premiere and it is of an international and environmental interest to value the Monegasque and Italian cooperation around the Mediterranean Sea, the management of the ports, the protected marine areas, the sustainable tourism and the environment. It is also an international demonstrator for people and future generations. In fact, when we invest for the environment and sustainable development, it is possible to federate and it leads to sustainable and positive projects for all, around common values ​​for future generations. Thus, certainly, researches and communication will be useful in the future to accompany the development of the Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia and to reinforce its attractiveness.

IMEDD will soon publish two videos:

  • The first video is for the residents of the city of Ventimiglia, neighboring municipalities, the province of Imperia, the Liguria region and more generally the Italian people. It presents the interest of Monaco and its organizations related to sustainable development in this cross-border collaboration and lays the foundation for a positive dialogue around the issues related to the construction of the port of Monaco-Ventimiglia.
  • The second video is aimed at international SuperYachts owners and tourists who might be interested one day to discover the marvelous port of Ventimiglia and to all the actors who love the sea, to make them discover the construction of the port, the city of Ventimiglia, its attractiveness for families, its areas of environmental interests, its trees heritage …

IMEDD recalls that it has been carrying out many actions since 2012 aimed at bringing the Principality of Monaco and the city of Ventimiglia closer together, and more generally Monaco and Italy.

  • IMEDD has already collaborated with the municipality and the local actors of Ventimiglia within the framework of the European Mobility Week carried out in Monaco by the Direction of the Environment, for the education about the environmental issues for the border children with the LIM CITY CHALLENGE FOR CHILDREN (Monaco, Ventimiglia, Menton). IMEDD projects have been recognized by the European Commission as Best EU Practice 2016 for Smart Cities.
  • IMEDD has also produced many video reports to present the attractiveness of the territory and will continue in this direction in the coming months, especially to present the Monaco Wood Charter to the Ventimiglia organizations concerned by wood, because IMEDD has discovered that some Monegasque companies work with suppliers in Ventimiglia for their purchases of wood, because of the geographical proximity to Monaco.
  • IMEDD also plans in the coming months to consolidate its actions initiated in Ventimiglia in terms of sustainable mobility, the territory is easily suitable for cycling, walking … Given the forthcoming opening of the Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia, energies and mobility are also two topics led by IMEDD in the city of Ventimiglia.
  • IMEDD is also interested in the Marine Protected Area of ​​Mortola and the Handbury Garden, two environmental conservatories of international interest.

IMEDD also recalls that it participates in many events in Italy related to the environment and sustainable development, especially with the major Italian cities (Genoa, Turin, Milan, Rome, Naples, Florence …) in the fields of the smart city, sustainable mobility, energy, the fight against deforestation and the education of future generations.

IMEDD also led in April 2019 an “Expedition for the Planet”  to Naples, the Vesuvius, Pompei and Herculaneum to communicate on the environment from a historical and heritage perspective.

For any information on the projects carried out by IMEDD on the ports of Monaco-Ventimiglia and the territorial valorisation (clean harbor, marine area, natura area, sustainable mobility …), you can contact Virginie Lelarge, Founder of  IMEDD, Market and Opinion Research Director:

Below some photos taken by the Monaco Princely’s Palace on the progress of the Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia during the visit of H.S.H Prince Albert II of Monaco with the team of “Cala del Forte”.

The port of Monaco-Ventimiglia in the artistic field

Since 2016, IMEDD has been leading an international environmental federation project for youth and families and has created a tale for the Earth entitled “Moonlight Serenade” with Rose, Princess of the Environment.

This tale was imagined by Virginie Lelarge, Founder of the IMEDD on the “longomare” of Ventimiglia, and tells the story of a great environmental and musical expedition led for the planet by Princess Rose.
IMEDD had chosen the Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia in 2016 to represent the image of this tale, the mountain overlooking the marine protected area of ​​the Mortola is the mountain of love described in the tale, where we find the purple sky.

Audacity, creativity and art are also very great tools for developing international environmental and empowering projects.

May Ventimiglia and the Principality of Monaco know it!
The Port of Monaco-Ventimiglia will forever belong to Rose, the Princess of the Environment, because this port gave life to the tale of the Earth…

Discover the presentation of the tale for the Earth edited by IMEDD between Monaco and Ventimiglia