Exclusive publication of the chapter 6 « Purple Sky » from the pink and blue love tale for Earth « Moonlight Serenade »

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Moonlight Serenade – Chapter 6 – Purple Sky

The Golden Rose was in the land of the rainbow, where the sea rose at the speed of galloping horses. The Golden Rose was from a country of valiant knights with "blue-white-red" hearts, whose rooster was the mascot. This land was further south, in France, on the mainland, beyond the two islands where lobsters enjoyed living, in a place where some purple clouds covered a very beautiful triangular rock. There, a mount proudly stood at sea living at the rhythm of tides and at the gallop of horses, a mount where great secrets had been kept since immemorial time, a mount where we heard men singing for the sea and the sky.

This mount looked like the perched villages, like those found on the mountain overlooking the Land of the Green Prince, except that it laid at the bottom of the sea. The whole world ran to discover this famous mount. It had become very famous and children from all over the world went there at least once in their lives to admire the beauty sometimes hidden behind some purple mists.
If they were lucky enough, children could attend the magical encounter of the sun and the rain, which gave birth to the rainbows, from the hand of the Great King William the Norman.

Princess Rose knew that the Blue Prince was in awe of Mother Nature’s grace. He had spent a large part of his life on the shores of the small sea of azure colour admiring the soft fires of a few thousand sunsets. He had also been conquered by the purple skies of the kingdoms of King Arthur and King Gael. What about the sunsets of King William the Norman? Would the Blue Prince like them?

Princess Rose asked the Blue Prince for a navigation plan.
She informed him that she had to study the speed of the tides for the Great Vizier of the Temple of the Sea. She then asked the Blue Prince to lead the Viking drakkar to this famous mount. A long journey was to be expected from Ireland and the sea could be dismantled at any time, but the brave Blue Prince was fascinated by the story of King William the Norman, by that famous mount resting on the bottom of the sea, by the current tide running at the speed of galloping horses and obviously by purple skies. So he headed south/south east. During the journey, Princess Rose told the Blue Prince about the exploits of the Great King William the Norman. This brave man, with his good knightly heart, had become the Rainbow King.

Kings Arthur and Gael had also wished to become the Rainbow King. But the story between them had been very complicated. These three kings had scrambled a little, even getting angry, to know who would reign over the North-West territories, but the old wise man, Michael of The Mount, had solved the dilemma of the three men by offering them a great chivalrous challenge for the planet: to discover the mount resting at the bottom of the sea.
The victorious knight could become the Great King of the North-West Territories with the great magical power of rainbow creation. Michael of The Mount had added that the Golden Rose grew at the foot of the rainbow to delight the noble heart of the future king. Glad to have fun in this special tournament, the three knights had accepted the challenge.

King Arthur had decided to follow the south coast to the western tip of England. He had seen a small island or rather a large rock sheltering some fields, beautiful trees often swept by the wind and a large grey stone building. King Arthur had been certain to become the future Rainbow King, but no one had seen a rainbow on the horizon of his island.

King Gael had a fleet armed and had gone to the island of the birds with orange beaks in Ireland. He had firmly believed that rainbows originated from this rock. But he soon realized that the Mount was rocked by the gentle waves of the Great Atlantic Ocean. King Gael was not the Rainbow King either.

King William the Norman had chosen to sit in a green heath of France at the edge of a small canal, to observe and reflect on what the mount resting at the bottom of the sea could be. For thirty days and nights, King William the Norman had observed the sky and the water and he had concluded that the sea regularly left then returned. He had discovered the amazing phenomenon of the tides and the influence of the moon. One day, he threw a small rock at the bottom of the canal. When the water had risen, great forces had been sent on the rock and had deflected the currents. When the water had come down, the small rock had been exposed resting on sandy soil.

"Eureka, I have found" were the words of King William the Norman…
The mount was visible on the sea floor only when the water was going down. When the sea rose, the mount became like Belle-Île en Mer or Marie Galante
After so many investigations, King William the Norman was hungry. He had then stopped at the tavern of the kingdom where he had asked for some biscuits and a good glass of hot milk. What a surprise it was when he was served some "Saint Michael’s Mount biscuits". He understood then that he was close to the goal and that it was always necessary to keep his course. King William the Norman had then decided to follow the direction of the North.
A m
agnificent purple sky accompanied his walk, the North Star shone and the moon began its wonderful ballet of love for the sun. A shadow was beginning to stand out on the horizon, a stone triangle in the middle of the sand.
King William the Norman had approached what he had identified as the mount perched at the bottom of the sea.

At the door, the old man Michael of The Mount had asked him to look at the sun with his most beautiful "Loving Eyes". A fine rain had fallen and had given birth to a gigantic rainbow, at the foot of which, a Golden Rose had begun to bloom. King William the Norman then admired the Golden Rose and thus became the Great Rainbow King of Saint Michael’s Mount and the North-West Territories.

The great moment was approaching… The ship was sailing along the land of the Cotentin. The Blue Prince was a fine navigator. He now had in view Saint Michael’s Mount, this perched village resting at the bottom of the sea. Obviously, the Viking drakkar could not approach. The seabed was not deep enough for the ship that would have run aground on the sandbanks.
A particular walk was announced to join the rock of King William the Norman…

Princess Rose and the Blue Prince had equipped themselves with seven-league boots which made them float above the quicksand. In this land, the sand was full of water, it became so soft that one could sink into it and disappear engulfed forever. The legend even spoke that children had disappeared in the sand. Their parents had remained inconsolable. Princess Rose and the Blue Prince finally arrived at the foot of the mount resting at the bottom of the sea. The sky was magnificent, extraordinary pinks, blues and purples, as in the tales of princes and princesses.

At the door of Saint Michael’s Mount stood King William the Norman. He was waiting for Princess Rose and the Blue Prince to express his magic formula for the love of the planet. The fine rain still fell. King William the Norman then asked the two lovers to take their best look at the sun… On the horizon, we saw a formidable rainbow, full of colours and we saw at its foot the most beautiful Golden Rose that the land of Saint Michael’s Mount had never seen.
King William the Norman invited Princess Rose to go admire the Golden Rose, then he asked the Blue Prince to join her and also look at the Golden Rose.
In a magical moment, the Blue Prince’s beautiful eyes lit up for Princess Rose and for the planet. He understood that he had finally found the Great Love of his life.

On this occasion, King William the Norman asked the Blue Prince to kneel down. He took out his sword and named the Blue Prince "Knight of Planet Earth and Purple Skies". He handed his knight sword over to him and entrusted him with the mission of loving… accompanying… and protecting… Princess Rose in all her wonderful expeditions around the planet. Honoured by the mission entrusted by King William the Norman, the Blue Prince took the oath.

The beautiful Princess Rose was so happy that she asked King William the Norman if she could play on the beautiful piano of his castle, a sweet melody about love under purple sky. King William the Norman was amused by the love game of the two lovebirds and invited Princess Rose to play and sing. Princess Rose then sat down on the piano.
Under the benevolent gaze of King William the Norman and the "Loving Eyes" of the beautiful Blue Prince, she sang for "Purple Sky", for Mount Saint Michael’s Bay, for the waves running at the speed of galloping horses, for the sands gorged with water, for the souls of children lost in the sand and for men singing melodies for the sea.

The Blue Prince was conquered. He wanted to spend his lifetime loving Princess Rose under purple skies. But new horizons were already waiting for the two lovers. The Viking drakkar had not been equipped to navigate across the Great Atlantic Ocean. The Grand Vizier of the Temple of the Sea had asked the Blue Prince to lead the Viking drakkar into the Kingdom of Norway, in Reine, where King Olav reigned. He was a fine music lover under the Northern Lights.

The next day, the Blue Prince headed north and took the path of the cold and angry seas. In the north, the seas were swept by the winds and they became wild. Many ships ran aground on the coast and some of them caused terrible oil slicks. Boat captains had to be extremely vigilant and not be distracted.
They had to follow the lighthouses to find their way. They were the only landmarks that lit up their dark nights. The Blue Prince enjoyed dreaming of the lighthouses under purple skies, a pleasure shared with Sweet Maria, the indigo fairy.

That night, before going to bed, Princess Rose observed the stars at length with the Blue Prince who made her discover the thousand and one wonders of the Milky Way.
Then, she planted an olive tree and a mimosa for the Land of the Green Prince, a blue rose seed for the Blue Prince, a yellow rose seed for the bees, a green rose seed to encourage the world’s female knights to become princesses and a red rose seed for the good King Arthur who had crowned her "Princess of the Environment".
Then, Princess Rose planted a white rose seed for moonlight serenades, a red rose seed for all deep red questions, a white rose seed for the peace and serenity of King Gael’s land, a red rose seed for the loving eyes of the beautiful Blue Prince, a purple rose seed for all purple skies, a white rose seed for Mount Saint Michael’s Bay and a pink rose seed for the Rainbow King, William The Norman.

Princess Rose sent the Little Prince a beautiful blue kiss through the sky, the stars and the Milky Way, to feed his dreams for the planet. Then, she fell asleep cradled by the sweet melody of the Blue Prince who was already dreaming of the starry skies of the Northern lands.

1- Belle-Île en Mer is an island from Brittany in France and Marie Galante is a French island from the Caribbean. The two islands are part of a well-known French song from Laurent Voulzy, called "Belle-Île en Mer" : https://youtu.be/B7ia4z4snDY

Illustration Purple Sky: Frida Vokshi.

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