IMEDD, Research and Sustainable Development institute from the Principality of Monaco, is currently conducting an international research about Smart Cities, whose results will be presented in March 2014 at Ever Monaco, International Conferences on Electric Mobility and Renewable Energy in Smart Cities.
This project aims to make a brief overview of the steps to achieve the concept of Smart Cities in different world cities and assess their perceptions and expectations regarding an international federation concept about Smart Cities.
Supported by MC2D, Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, The Princely Government, Ever Monaco, Grimaldi Forum Monaco and Monaco Tourism and Congress Direction, IMEDD ensures cities deontology in accordance with the International ICC/ESOMAR Code.
All information mentioned in this research will be treated as strictly confidential. Quantitative data will be subject to a statistical report to measure the interest of an international federation project about Smart Cities. Personal information will not be published. No nominative data will be published in media.
Following several cities requests, time to respond remains available until the end of February 2014.

For more information, you may contact:
Virginie Lelarge
Research and CSR projects Director
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Questionnaire - Research about Smart Cities

Q1- How committed is your city to the Smart City concept?

Our city is very well committed to Smart City
Our city is fairly committed to Smart City
Our city would like to commit
Our city does not whish to commit at the present time

Q2- Can you spontaneously cite the 6 components of a Smart City?


Q3- Among the 6 components of the Smart City concept, can you assess your progress in terms of initiatives on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 means no action undertaken and 10 means many actions undertaken.


Smart Mobility

Smart Environment

Smart People

Smart Living

Smart Governance

Q4- Among the 6 components of the Smart City concept, which are, for your city, the easiest to implement? (several answers are possible).

Smart Mobility
Smart Environment
Smart People
Smart Living
Smart Governance

Q5- How do you monitor and pilot your Smart City initiatives?


Q6- Do you follow a model for monitoring the implementation of the concept of a Smart City in your city?

Q7- In your efforts to be a Smart City, do you think it is important ...

Q8- In your opinion, should a monitoring of Smart Cities be harmonized or standardized at global level to follow cities' commitment?

Yes, it is very important
Yes, it is rather important
No, it is rather not important
No, it is not important at all
Does not know

Q9- Why?

Q10- Do you consider it is interesting for a city to receive an external evaluation of its actions with an operational focus regarding its efforts to become a Smart City?

Q11- Do you think it is interesting for a city wishing to become a Smart City, to position relatively to other cities ?

Q12- Do you believe a volontary "Charter about Smart Cities" would be an appropriate tool to help cities at global to commit or consolidate actions?

Q13- Do you think it would be relevant for a city to know the positioning of several cities, and how they are all progressing year after year?

Q14- Do you think, for the relevance of cities' monitoring committed in an effort to become a Smart City, there should be an external analysis?

Q15- In the case of a federating approach about the Smart City concept, would your city be interested in being informed and involved?

Q16- Would your city wish to be part of a federation project about the concept of Smart Cities, among other "pilot cities"?

Q17- Would you like to present your city' commitment as a Smart City, as part of international conferences on the same topic?

Q18- For what reasons would you like to participating in a federative project about Smart Cities ?
(several responses are possible)

Discover initiatives from other involved cities
Attend conferences on Smart Cities
Disseminate best practices
Evaluate the process to become a Smart City
Measure progress towards the concept of Smart City
Receive information on Smart Cities
Participate in a federative network for Smart Cities
Make efforts visible on the "how to become a Smart City"
Receive support and advice to make a city more attractive as in the concept of Smart Cities
Develop social networks about the concept of a Smart City
Benefit from a global buying platform dedicated to Smart Cities
Be accompanied in the human dimension of a Smart City

Q19- If you mentioned to be interested by being notified or participate in a federating approach about Smart Cities, enter below your e-mail?

Q20- Do you have any suggestions to propose about the expectations of a city facing steps to achieve to become a Smart City?

Q21- What is your city name?

Q22- How many people in your city?

Q23- What is your country?

Q24- How do you wish to communicate for the purpose of this research?

This study is now complete. IMEDD thanks you for your participation and will keep you informed of this study followings. You can send this questionnaire by clicking below.

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