Warning on America: Covid19’s situation on the 24/06/2020

America: Covid19’s situation on the 24/06/2020

The numbers of new coronavirus cases in California (4966), Texas (6177) and Florida (5511), Arizona (1795), North Carolina (1667) and South Carolina (1284) are very worrying… The increase of new coronavirus cases goes far to fast…
The health measures should be kept at the maximum level (masks, social distancing, avoiding a concentration of people, smart work from home, etc…).

The yesterday death toll was not that high in those states but we never know how the situation could evolve in the upcoming weeks. It is strongly advised to the people who live in those states to be very careful, protect themselves and protect the others.
This pandemic needs a global effort and commitment of all, acting as one UnitedPeople.
Yesterday, the global number of new cases in the USA was over 38 000, the same level of infected people than on the 24th of April (worst number: 39072).
America can’t go backwards.
Beside the disease, we see many acts of violence too in the U.S. Those two situations one beside the other are very alarming… (read the article here: http://www.imedd-group.com/en/the-call-for-calm-and-respect-of-the-universal-declaration-of-human-rights-on-the-earth-unsdg18/).

The IMEDD launches a call for action to the governors of the states listed above, to the federal government and to the Americans.
No situation needs to put your lives at risk. The U.S.A need to be united and understand that the future of the country is in everybody’s hands. It is understandable to fight for the rights and for freedom, but no act of violence is acceptable, nor a sacrifice of lives. The best way to express the opinions in full safety is to do it on-line, not in the streets. America has already seen the loss of more than 124000 people since the beginning of the pandemic.
The destiny of the U.S is in your hands, so is the health of all the Americans, so is the future of the economy of the country, but it has to be understood that the economy won’t recover in a good way if the people get ill one after another. Please, the Americans, be very careful and maintain the safety measures as much as you can.

Each American life is important… Each life matters.

Concerned organizations and people by the warning of the IMEDD:
The White House
President Donald J. Trump
Ivanka Trump
CDC – Central for Disease Control and Prevention
California Governor
Greg Abbott
Governor Ron DeSantis
Governor Doug Ducey
Governor Roy Cooper
Henry McMaster
United Nations
World Health Organization (WHO)

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