UNSDG18F2: The women, victims of domestic sexual assaults, go on air to liberate their speech and truths about their rapists

The limits of legal systems create the liberation of speech for the women victims of rapes

  • Canada 2014… 633,000 sexual assaults were reported by Canadians aged 15 and over. Of these, just 1,814 charges resulted in a conviction.
  • France 2020…  A French deputy questioned the Minister of Justice: “I would like to ask you more specifically about the 93,000 women undergoing rape or attempted rape each year in France according to a survey that was carried out by your ministry three years ago (…) 1,000 is the number of convictions that are pronounced for these crimes. If only 1% of rapes or attempts lead to a conviction, that means that 99% lead to nothing ”.

Just by these these numbers presented above for Canada and France, it is easy to understand that something goes really wrong in the legal process when it comes to sexual assaults, lawsuits and convictions, which asks the question that justice is used by the authors of sexual assaults as another tool of violence after rapes, which is totally insane, when we consider that the UN Sustainable Development Goals involve:

  • Point 3: Good health (physical and mental) and well-being
  • Point 5 : Quality of education
  • Point 5 : Gender equality
  • Point 10: Reduced inequalities
  • Point 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Point 17: Partnership for the goals

As part of its UNSDG18-F2 to fight against violence and sexual assault made on women, the IMEDD has been studying the question and ends to several conclusions:

  • The public system is not aligned at all with the reality of the facts of sexual assaults, considering that many of them are committed within the family (by a husband on a wife for example, or by a father on a daughter, which leads to the word of the woman against that of the man).
  • The public system wants proofs, but who seriously thinks in bright mind that a woman would be able to film her own rape when it’s happenening?
  • How many women, even after being raped, don’t have any medical proofs of their rapes? Not because they were not raped, but because a rape doesn’t always occur with hits and traces on their bodies?
  • The process of hearing by the police authorities is not always in line with the facts: the women are discouraged to lodge a complaint, they are told that a complaint will never reach a conviction, or even worse that they will get into troubles if they do file a claim for sexual assault.
  • The presumption of innocence for the rapists is a barrier for the women to be recognized as persons who have been sexually assaulted, which leads to the fact that many rapists run in the streets, that they are never worried by the law, nor convicted.
  • The rapists use legal violence on women to avoid any conviction, which means that the rapists are ready to say that a woman enjoys being abused and that she asks to be badly sexually treated with violence.
  • Justice leaves some rapists continue their moral and legal assaults on women after the sexual assaults, and entrusts the women’s children to their rapists for their rights of fatherhood, thanks to the help of terrible corrupt lawyers who help the rapists defend themselves for the undefendable crime on a woman.

Obviously, the public system will say the contrary as they try to do their best with the small tools they have, but the truth is that 98-99% of the women don’t obtain justice for the crime their rapist did on them, because the things need to be named as they are, a rapist is a criminal.

Here is what the French law says: “All domestic violence is prohibited by law, whether it affects a man or a woman, whether it is physical, psychological or sexual. It is about violence committed within married couples, PACS or common-law”.

For aggravating circumstances, the maximum penalty is 20 years of jail in the following cases:

  • The perpetrator of the rape lives with the victim.
  • The rapist was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Obviously, when a rapist risks 20 years of jail for domestic sexual assault done on the influence of alcohol or drugs, he uses everything, even legal violence to avoid such a sentence and such a destiny of being banned from the society, though, it doesn’t mean that the rapist is not guilty. He truely is!

No woman would accuse a man of her surroundings of rape if it wasn’t true. There is never smoke without a burning fire behind.

When the women face such injustice, when they realize their rapist won’t be convicted, what remains for them is the liberation of their speech, and this happens for the following reasons:

  • mentally re-build themselves to re-gain their own dignity of women,
  • being recognized by the society as victims,
  • make justice by themselves when the public justice and system fail so much,
  • face their perpetrators and make them recognized by the society as criminals, even if the rapists are not convicted by law,
  • protect other women who are or could be in relationship in the future with their rapists,
  • protect their own children and the other women’s children who could be in relationship in the future with their rapists.
  • inform the surroundings of their perpetrator of who their rapist really is, so that they can take actions of everlasting rejection.

For the women, not having justice on their rapes, is equal to a justice made by the men for the men, in which each little detail has been thought so that the authors of rapes are not convicted. At this stage, the liberation of the women’s speech is a strong weapon to make their own justice. Obviously, there will be no legal conviction, no jail, but in the women’s minds, justice will be made. They will be recognized as victims and their rapists as rapists.

The worst of all in these scenarios is when the women who have suffered from a domestic rape are obliged by the law to entrust their children to their rapists (when it happens that their rapists are the fathers of their children). In this case, more than not giving justice, the public system legally authorizes, in the name of the rights of the fathers, that their rapists have a right of visit of their children. In many cases, the children know that their fathers are the rapists of their mothers.

Does the public system realize what it teaches the children in this scenario (especially to the boys)? That a husband has a legal right to rape his wife without being convicted or even worried.

That’s where the modern society has derived for years, with no true justice, with no conviction, with no recognition of the victims, with no solutions for the women and the children.
It’s a legal rape after a physical rape. For the women who have been raped, noone can imagine what it is to go through a process of rape, the hate which invades a man when he takes the decision of a sexual assault on a woman who says “no”.
Nobody can imagine the anger and hate that then invade the women towards their rapists when they realize that their perpetrators will not be convicted nor their children protected.

We live in a world where the rapists run in the streets without being worried by justice.

This is when comes the liberation of speech, so the women’s hell can stop once for all, because there is no better justice than the liberation of speech, and indeed, that’s what the rapists fear the most, that the women make their rapes public, because at this stage, the rapists will be surpassed by the situation of their terrible acts, they will be judged by the society, the worst of all for them.

  • Who, clearly stable in mind, would like to be surrounded by a rapist, even if not legally convicted? Nobody.
  • Who, clearly stable in mind, would knowingly hire or entrust a job to a man, who has been denounced by a woman in a free speech with detailed circumstances as a rapist? Nobody.

Women’s rapes are part of public opinion and action.
It has to be clear, that everyone who then helps a rapist, or doesn’t recognize a rapist after a woman’s liberation of speech, becomes complicit, or worse, not credible regarding his/her own responsibility and/or application of its Sustainable Development Goals.

The women’s liberation of free speech regarding sexual assault is about bypassing the law, when the law is inefficient to make justice for the victims.

Therefore, as part of its commitments to help the women fight against the authors of sexual assault who run in the streets, in the framework of the UNSDG18-F2, the IMEDD will soon share women’s fully detailed testimonies that will show the pure incapacity of the public system:

  • first, to help make real justice happen for the women,
  • second, to show the total incapacity of the system to protect the children of the women who have been raped.

Tolerance zero for the rapists

A raper is a mentally ill person, who has missed something in its own mind and sexual construction, who abuses of a physical and moral power on women using physical, moral, economic and legal violence against their victims, in order not to be convicted.
Rapists don’t have their place in a society that believes in the Sustainable Development Goals and the protection of women and children.
Rapists are a true and everlasting danger.
When justice doesn’t solve the issue, the free speech can.

To conclude this article, which is only the first article about the IMEDD’s combat as part of the UNSDG18-F2 “eradicating domestic sexual assaults made on women”, the IMEDD shares a sentence that a woman, victim of domestic sexual assault said, regarding her rapist:

“I won’t have him convicted by law, but I will have his head by my free speech, which is even worse than a law conviction”.

No raped women will ever be silenced until they say by themselves it’s over, which means only when they consider that their own justice has passed and succeeded.

The women are now on air to denounce their rapists.

Sources on key figures:

The UNSDG18-F is part of the IMEDD’s initiative for the United Nations to support the combat to eradicate domestic violence made on women.