Presentation of the UNSDG18-F: WOMEN FOR THE EARTH

Make Women Visible! 

With the UNSDG18-F launched in 2019 during COP25 in Madrid, the IMEDD is part of the UN Women campaign: Orange the world, whose goal is to raise awareness on women’s rights for an equal future and fight against violence done on women in all its forms.

The UNSDG18-F focuses on women‘s entrepreneurship which is the founding basis for equality and a tool to eradicate violence.

Indeed, once a woman becomes independent thanks to entrepreneurship and work, she holds in her hands her own future, equality and safety. In this sense, the biggest initiative which can be undertaken by the countries to fight against violence is helping the women realize their dreams with their work and making them become visible at international.

With women, thanks to education and entrepreneurship, in one generation, it becomes possible to make this world a better place for the future generations. Once all the countries will understand these leverages, the world will be safer and more responsible.

During these yearly 16 days of activism, from November 25 to December 10, the IMEDD inspires the women so they can bring force, using their power of love, to help a better environmental preservation and fight against climate change.

The inspiring awareness campaign 2020 can be discovered here: http://www.imedd-group.com/en/unsdg18-f-launch-of-the-un-women-campaign-2020-imeddorangestheworldingreen/

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