History and presentation of LIM – Ladies in Mobility

LIM – Ladies in Mobility is an initiative that started in 2012 by the IMEDD in Monaco and France whose goal is to empower the women to commit to sustainable mobility in smart cities: for work, for family concerns, for children… Of course, the LIM project is supported by the men too. 
In 2014, LIM participated in the Metha Europe Contest (Ecole des Mines) at Ever Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum and was selected among the finalists. Still in 2014, LIM  extended its action to Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland and the U.S.A to follow the commitments of the cities regarding urban planning and sustainable mobility solutions.
In 2016, LIM was listed by the European Commission as a best practice for Smart Cities.

The LIM project at the COP25

LIM has been recognized as a tool of public utility at the European Level since 2016.
In the framework of the COP25, LIM evolves and becomes a tool that serves the UNSDG18 to encourage sustainable mobility and the reduction of the CO2 emissions.

Reporting the countries commitments for sustainable mobility

The countries and the cities provide information regarding their transport mix and national policies of sustainable transports. 

The organization of the LIM project

In the framework of the UNSDG18, with the LIM project, the countries and cities can benefit from many services to share their sustainable plan of transport and their initiatives for sustainable mobility. Here are the possibilities offered to the countries and cities:

  • LIM Conferences: international conferences about sustainable mobility, renewable energies and connectivity in smart cities, the goal being to support initiatives undertaken by women and that contribute to decrease the CO2 emissions.
    The LIM Conferences join some public decision-makers, some researchers, some consultants, some public organizations, some businesses, the youth and the children and aim to share the latest advancements in the fields of sustainable mobility in Smart Cities.
    Example of LIM conferences that occured in Monaco in the past years:

    • The Smart City policies in Europe, Urban Planning and Sustainable Mobility.
    • Cycling in the European Smart Cities (focus on the women)
    • Committed Smart Cities for sustainable mobility
    • Shared transport solutions to reduce the environmental footprint

  • LIM Research: research and interviews with the international specialists of sustainable mobility in Smart Cities to know the latest advancements, the goal being to facilitate the visibility of people, the diffusion of the information regarding the projects, the advocacy for an acceleration in the implementation of the solutions that limit CO2 emissions.

  • LIM Bike Show: environmental, cultural and heritage bike tours in a city.

  • LIM City Challenge For Children: a federative event for children whose goal is to raise their awareness about the concept of the Smart City and the Sustainable Mobility Solutions thanks to challenges: mobility, sport, educative, architecture, music, parade…