Context of the UNSDG-L: Green Music for Future

Among the components of the UNSDG18, we find the music and the event people and organizations. Indeed, music is part of the UNSDG18 for some simples reasons:

  • music has this power to help or heal the people
  • music is help the awareness on sustainable development (fair economy, social values and environmental preservation)

The UNSDG18 exists to empower the world music community to Corporate Social Responsability* through their music creation and social behavior (live, social media or media). Therefore, the UNSDG18-L encourages and promotes the musicians, bands, music producers and music events organizers to be responsible, to create positive music for the earth with positive lyrics.

* Corporate Social Responsability is about being fair in the economy, respectful for people, careful about environmental preservation and committed to reduce the CO2 emissions due to the transports for the music events.

1- International Label for Responsible Musicians and Bands

The UNSDG18-L proposes the musicians and bands to take part in its International Label for Responsible Musicians and Bands whose goal is both to encourage and support the bands committed to empower their audience with positive messages and music for the earth and concerned about the issues of sustainable development.
Below is the content of the International Label for Responsible Musicians and Bands:

Modalities of participation:
The musicians or bands who wish to participate in the UNSDG18-L, the International Label for Responsible Musicians and Bands can send their candidature to the IMEDD using the form below.

I consent to having this website store my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry.

Questionnaire d’évaluation de la démarche DD + de renseignements sur le groupe => système de notation

Constitution of the Green Music List


Responsibility of the music events


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