“Sustainable Businesses for Future” is an initiative whose goal is to support the entrepreneurs and businesses committed in the field of sustainable activities. It aims to complete and support the Global Compact from the United Nations, whose goals empowers the major businesses of the world.
Many businesses undertake positive actions to be in the line of the sustainable development goals, though, for small or medium companies, it’s not always easy to be involved in big frameworks like the Global Compact. Though, they need to be supported in their entrepreneurship and even operationally guided to achieve in the end, the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

What is sustainability in businesses?

“Sustainable Businesses for Future” are the organizations that find a mix between the three pillars of sustainable development: economy, social and environment. They implement rules of management that help them reach the goal of sustainability:

  • evolving in a fair economy
  • offering a good quality of work and life to the employees
  • mastering and reducing the environmental impacts

The ISO 26000 is the official guide line for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility in Businesses.

The goals of the initative “Sustainable Businesses for Future”

The goal are simple:

  • providing operational guidelines on the three pillars of sustainable development, so the businesses can follow the guidelines, initiate or continue their transition for future.
  • showing a “no border” world of committed businesses that drive change
  • empowering certain sectors of activity to “turn green”, especially the sector of finance, that needs to support more the “green entrepreneurship and the women”, and not only the technology entrepreneurship. Some social or environmental projects can bring bigger and more positive value to the people and the territories.
  • facilitating the acceleration of the development of sustainable businesses, by also assisting them with plateforms or events in which they can share their projects.
  • empowering the women to go and work in the industries to bring their “green vision”
  • supporting the young green entrepreneurs
  • showing the interest of certain sectors of activities for future (example: the waste sector)
  • empowering the media to give more visibility to “green entrepreneurship” in the newspapers, TV or on the Internet
  • creating a World Green online TV and a World Green online Radio to promote the sustainable entrepreneurship
  • promoting sustainable business to the youth showing them success stories

“Sustainable Businesses for Future” proposes the businesses to commit to the “Sustainable Deal For Businesses”

In the framework of the COP25 and following the impulsion given by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, a sustainability deal for businesses is concluded and its management entrusted to the IMEDD.
This guideline refers to the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development in Businesses.
The goal is to accelerate the commitments of the businesses that are taken into account in the calculation of the achievement of each country’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Three commitments need to be taken by the businesses to enter the “Sustainable Deal For Businesses”: economy, social and environment.
The “environmental commitment” was released on the 16th of December 2019 as followed:

The economic and social commitments will be published in the upcoming weeks.

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