Presentation of the initiative “Rescue for Future”

“Rescue for Future” is an iniative led in the framework of the United Nations and the UNSDG18, to help an after environmental crisis to a land that suffered from terrible natural catastrophes.
The goal is to raise people’s awareness and send calls for rescue to the entire populations and public organizations of the areas of the devasted places, in order to bring support and help the cleaning and rebuilding. Indeed, with the more frequent storms and floodings, the beaches and the shores of the rivers are often at risk with big tsunamis of woods and waste that paralyze the entire devastated place and threaten the safety and the health of all.

This initiative “Rescue for Future” is undertaken in joint collaboration by:

  • The Royal Women and the First Ladies
  • The Expedition of the Planet led by Rose, the Princess of the Environment
  • The United Nations
  • The IMEDD (project’s holder)

Some public organizations are associated in “Rescue for future” depending on the territory:

  • the damaged city
  • the damaged department or province or state
  • the damaged region
  • the damaged government
  • if in Europe, the European Commission.

Depending on the natural catastrophe, “Rescue for Future” brings support by spreading the information of the organization of rescue events. The IMEDD federates the international and the local organizations, and gives ideas or advices to the rescuers on how to act to bring force.

The operation: Rescue for Future – Ventimiglia

First operation: Rescue for Future” Ventimiglia: “beach cleaning following the two tsunamis of woods – 22/12/2019” => read here

Second operation: Rescue for Future” Ventimiglia: International Conference: “Building a sustainable future while fighting against climate change: sustainable economy, social well-being, management of the environmental risks and security for people and organizations”: .