The IMEDD takes position against the businesses that don’t check their suppliers chain regarding their CSR practices

For several years now, the world has been suffering from very big tensions due to many severe issues with the methods of certains kinds of businesses that are totally unacceptable, that go against the laws and that avoid a true implementation of a real sustainable development at global scale.

As a research institute specialized in sustainable development, the IMEDD had chosen years ago, through its communication, to have a positive tone to encourage everybody to act through different manners: economic, social and environment.
Though, some situations now faced for too long with some certain sectors of activity led the IMEDD to take another position.

From now, the IMEDD will have two ways of communicating:

  • The first will remain positive and encouraging because many people and organizations do good and are integer, so they deserve to be highlighted, promoted, supported and even shown at international for what they do.
  • The second and the new way of communicating will henceforth be positionned on three concepts: watcher, researcher, alerter, meaning that the IMEDD will investigate, as part of the UNSDG18-H: sustainable businesses, in some particular sectors of activities, with the goal of putting societal pressure on those activities, bringing into the light for all, the darkest parts of their way of working or purchasing… In other words, the IMEDD will publically denounce the bad practices of some sectors of activities.

It is important to understand that some sectors of activities are under very heavy constraints in terms of sustainable development, and that some of them overpass so much their rights, they don’t respect the laws and they affect the good management of sustainable development at global causing many bad consequences for people, the states and more generally, for the world society (though they say the contrary).
Considering that no change is possible without publically underlining some of the bad practices, the IMEDD will communicate differently, also showing the bad commitments of some sectors of activities with true facts and data.

After 20 years in the field of sustainable development and Corporate Social Responsibility for businesses, the IMEDD sees no other choice than holding two lists of sectors of activities:

  • the good pupils who commit
  • the bad pupils who don’t commit enough

Indeed, some businesses continue to lie to the entire world community while they present themselves as the good pupils of the class, but the facts are that some of them… 

  • Contribute to the global destabilization of the states and the economy
  • Corrupt the sytems
  • Deteriorate the quality of life for people
  • Prefer contaminating the environment and paying fines than stopping their looting of the raw-materials
  • Contribute to children’s exploitation, human trafficking, slavery mostly in developing countries or even to the financing of terrorism

Obviously, those actions are made in the name of profit, though very often the argument valorized is the reason of employment, which is not true considering the list of bad practices listed just above.

Therefore, the sectors that do massive abuse are in the target of the IMEDD that will demonstrate and advocate for a global desengagement during the time of the improvements of the practices. Those activities will be assessed and reported.

The time of impunity is finished. The time of the businesses that say that they do sustainable development while keeping doing some dark processes behind is over, now comes the time of the fair businesses or, for the recalcitrants, the time of the CSR attacks.

Considering the very negative impacts of those sectors of activities, it is now not possible anymore for the states or the public organizations to continue to support or work with businesses that don’t respect the laws through their manufacturing process.
The IMEDD is sure that the method will help the change as no activities enjoy to be highlighted for their bad commitments, the goal being to encourage them to improve and join the UNSDG18-H, while showing legal proofs of their commitments.

No worries for the good and committed businesses, you are not the target!
The good and committed businesses will continue to find support in the IMEDD that invites them to join the UNSDG18-H commitment that will give them a fair assessment and distinction that recognizes their efforts and initiatives.
Those businesses can contact the IMEDD at


The sectors targeted by the IMEDD for their potential commitments against sustainable development are:

  • oil and gaz
  • mining, extraction and refining of raw-materials
  • car industry
  • chemistry
  • construction
  • pharma
  • tech industry
  • waste industry
  • agriculture and forestry
  • banking
  • insurance
  • tourism
  • fashion

Those sectors are asked to investigate on the practices of their subcontractors and if ever, some problems are encountered, to do a cleaning among them, to only keep the ones that are committed to sustainable development. Those sectors are also asked to investigate on their systems of financing and the allocation of financing to their subcontractors, to make sure that they don’t support any criminal practices or organizations behind.

No excuse can be given for certain kinds of practices such as: slavery, human trafficking, under cover support of terrorism, exploitation of the children and women, money laundering, etc…
If ever those very dirty practices are found through the channels of subcontractors, the businesses must take position straight away and undertake some measures of eradication as fast as they can from the inside.

The IMEDD remains available for each of these sectors of activities listed above if they want to have information or consultancy on the “how to fight against bad practices” and on the “how to implement a true sustainable development that serves the future generation”.