The IMEDD calls the media to act with their Corporate Social Responsibility – Covid19

The IMEDD would like to focus on the Media and the Social Media, and the role that these organizations play in this context of Covid19’s crisis. The IMEDD asks the United Nations and the countries to be very careful on their Media or Social Media Partners to make sure of the good sharing of the information, especially regarding the most harming content.

What is the problem?
A couple of days ago, some media in France spread some wrong information about the situation of COVID19 in Italy, saying that the situation was improving seeing less cases

The IMEDD replied as shown below…


Though, the situation had been each day worse in Italy for 3 days.
The IMEDD had launch a red alert to the International Health Community, the Italian Governmentthe United Nations and the World Health Organization and the NATO on the 17th of March 2020 (so one day before BFMTV published its article whose WRONG TITLE is: “In Italy, the propagation of the coronavirus starts to slow”).

The IMEDD launches a new alert on Italy and on the other countries concerned by high numbers – 17th of March 2020

This alert was sent by the IMEDD to the Italian Government, the United Nations and the World Health Organization and the NATO on the 17th of March following a request of explanation from the IMEDD to the Italian Authorities about the issues for the bodies.

The IMEDD asks the countries to specify the process for the bodies – covid19

During two days, the IMEDD alerted everybody who could be concerned or help, the first in line being Giuseppe Conte, the President of the Italian Council.

Then, the IMEDD informed the French and the Italians that the information spread by BFMTV was wrong regarding Italy.

Then, the IMEDD informed the Italian Governmentthe United Nations and the World Health Organization and the NATO that some wrong information was being spread about the coronavirus crisis and that it could cause a serious lack of misunderstanding for the people and even cause a lack of safety.

The detailed post written by the IMEDD is available here:

Below is the kind of misunderstanding that wrong information cause to people, and this is part of the Corporate Responsibility of the official Media like BFMTV to check the information before saying that everything goes well in Italy.

On the 19th of March 2020, the U.S. Army Garrison Italy confirmed that the IMEDD’s ANALYSIS WAS TRUE about the SEVERE INCREASING EVOLUTION OF THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS IN ITALY.

Then, straight away, the IMEDD informed that the the U.S. Army Garrison Italy also confirmed the situation of Italy.

It is recalled that both the IMEDD (Research and Education Institute) and the U.S Army (official organization of the U.S.A) provide trustable information based on the official data provided by the Italian Government, the United Nationsthe World Health Organization and the NATO.

The IMEDD works with the governments, in a neutral way, as an independant Research Institute. The IMEDD works to provide researches and information for the Monaco, France, Italy, U.S.A, U.K governments and even with other countries (as part of the UNSDG18) that rely on the IMEDD’s independency of research to let them know the reality of facts. Those countries trust the IMEDD and know this institute as a committed organization, for health but most of all for environment and sustainable development researches and information.
The founder of the IMEDD, Virginie Lelarge, has 20 years of experiences at international with the biggest research institutes (TNSofres, Ipsos…), the biggest companies (industries or services), the biggest media (online and offline). They all know and trust the IMEDD and recognize its independency, neutrality, professionalism and commitments at international.

What about Facebook?

We need to know that in the past weeks, the attention of Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook has been called by the International Organizations in order to organize a checking of the information published by the media concerning the covid19 crisis, following the goal to avoid the spreading of wrong information that could cause a big damaging misunderstanding of the coronavirus crisis for the people. Mark Zuckerberg, the Head of Facebook, did the job and the checking, even before the big start of the crisis.

The IMEDD shows a proof. The IMEDD had already been controlled by Mark Zuckerberg  and the Facebook’s Team on the 3rd of March 2020. Facebook then considered that the IMEDD publishes a trustable and reliable source of information specialized in sustainable development and health issues like Covid19 and classified the IMEDD as a Research and Education Center – Consulting Agency, as shown below.

Then, following the wrong information published by the French media about Italy on the 18th of March 2020, and following the post of Business Insider (shown below), the IMEDD confirmed on Facebook that it had been checked and recognized as a trustable source by the Facebook teams in charge of checking, controlling and censuring if needed.

The truth is that for now 5 days, the situation of Italy has entered a human drama phase, with 4032 deads on the 20th of March 2020 in 3 weeks of time, a higher number than in China, though Italy is still in its half growth of the contamination by coronavirus, meaning that we can already plan for a huge number of deaths, a much bigger number than in China.
The exact number is not known, but as things go, Italy heads to a mass death situation and a drama for the country.

The IMEDD has informed the Italian Government since the 17th of March 2020 putting some Corporate Social Responsible Pressure on Giuseppe Conte, the President of the Italian Council. No response has been given yet (March 20) by the Italian Authorities (3 days after the information of the IMEDD).

Here is below how the IMEDD has put pressure on Giuseppe Conte, the President of the Italian Council. 

The IMEDD even called for help the Presidents of France (Emmanuel Macron) and the United States (Donald Trump) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Here is France…

Here are the United States of America…

Here is Monaco…

Do we realize people the mess that one single poor wrong information published by a media that has not checked, puts at international and why it creates States Problems with all the World Leaders who are in charge of dealing with this sensitive affair with Italy. Checking the information is not part of our World Leaders’s job and especially not in this very difficult period of covid19.
Our World Leadersneed to work with Corporate Social Responsible Media, neutral and trustable.

Why the media shouldn’t spread wrong information about the Covid19?

As explained previously, when the media don’t check enough their informationThe risk leads to a misunderstanding between the people and between the countries. On this day of the 20th of March, the IMEDD needs to calm the debate between the Italians and the French due to the spreading of wrong information by the French. That is totally anormal and a bad practice from the French towards the Italians. It must stop straight away.

Is that normal or not! The job of the IMEDD is not about being a sheriff for the non professionals people who dare to publish some wrong information that lead to create States Problems in a moment of dramatic health crisis. See what the IMEDD was forced to publish to calm the people. See what the IMEDD is forced to do to make the Head of Italy react for more security measures. We are in a process of international work and we can’t be disturbed by wrong information or non professional people in media. Everybody can easily understand it.

So be aware, the media, from any kinds of countries, you have a Corporate Social Responsibility to show in this health crisis. If you don’t check your information and spread wrong news, you directly and massively contribute to the increase of the coronavirus and you work against the countries. Though, considering the situation and the stress that all the organizations involved in the crisis of covid19 have, it’s not very surprising to find sometimes some errors in the media, and the IMEDD is sure that it is what happened with the wrong post of BFMTV, as BFMTV is known for its professionalism and its capacity to organize big media round tables, to federate all kinds of opinions.

This is the reason why the IMEDD writes this article: to make everybody aware that it’s important to check the information and follow trustable sources. The IMEDD doesn’t blame the media and the social media however, the IMEDD calls the whole international sector to responsibility and information checking.

The impact of the spreading of wrong information

Everybody needs to understand that many organizations at international, like the United Nationsthe World Health Organizationthe IMEDD, the Governments, etc… analyse and provide some very accurate information, based on the facts and researches. Those organizations are the ones that create the content of the analysis regarding Covid19, and everything is checked, from the data to the recommendations. When the official organizations deliver their reports, everything can be checked with official sources.
For those public organizations involved, providing verified and analyzed information is an obligation and a duty. Once the information is analyzed, it is published by the public organizations and shared with the media.

The role of the public organizations for this covid19 crisis

  • they publish the results of an analysis in a moment of time
  • they present a plan of actions to respond to the crisis
  • for the media, they explain the situation, the plans, the measures and show the implementation of the measures taken through the official channels
  • they federate and comfort the populations

The thing is that when the media intervene in the process between the governments and the researches institutes, they don’t have an analyzed information and it can lead the media to the publication of wrong information with very severe consequences in terms of misunderstanding of the situation for the populations.

The CSR mission of the media for the covid19 crisis

Therefore, the IMEDD invites all the media worldwide to implement Corporate Social Responsibility on the following guidance:

  • be very careful with the sources of information you have
  • check the information
  • not commenting or giving opinion just delivering the facts as they are
  • not creating sensational titles to get an audience (the content of the information is already heavy enough)
  • presenting the crisis as a real life story not a Hollywood film (the coronavirus crisis is part of the real life and kills some people)
  • not empowering the discussions about the upcoming issues for the managment of the deaths due to the crisis
  • protecting all the sensitive people from potential harming content (especially the youth and the elderly generations)
  • being very respectful for the human losses: the titles of the articles, the words chosen, the photos, the videos…
  • for the photos/videos: we don’t want to see sensational reporters. We need some people who are aware, respectful and who explain everything with love and compassion for the people.

We all need to act as a team

This coronavirus crisis for us, the people of the research, information and media, couldn’t be imagined at this scale.
We all need to be aware that the words, the photos, the videos remain in the mind of the people and can create panic. The world is about to live the biggest “Shock in Head”, and it has already massively started in Italy and China.
That’s the duty of all, no matter who we are and where we are. We need to be very respectful and calm while delivering the information on the facts. That’s our common Corporate Social Responsibility for the people and our duty for our respective countries.

What can you do as a media involved in the covid19 crisis?

Check the information, share and use the hashtags
Encourage love and compassion between the people and countries
Show positive stories that will come out from this crisis

  • #NoBorderInformation #InformationWithoutBorder
  • #NoBorderMedia #MediaWithoutBorder
  • #covid19 #coronavirus
  • #UnitedNations #WHO
  • #UnitedPeople #UnitedMedia 

Thank you all for the amazing work that you do to inform the people.
It makes sense. It’s about saving lives and letting the people know.
That’s part of freedom and it is a duty.


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