Covid19 – Organizing with Carrefour in Italy the online channels of distribution for food and necessity goods

The IMEDD would like to discuss another issue with the United Nations and the countries in order to reinforce the measures of the Phase 3 of the pandemic for Italy. It’s about the food and necessity needs that leads to the fact of having too many people in the streets and in the shops.

To explain the situation, the IMEDD went to do shopping today in the local supermarket of an Italian city, respecting the rules to cover the face and the gloves. The workforce of the shop was well equipped too with masks and gloves. So everything was done for safety.

Though, the IMEDD saw different things that don’t contribute to the containment of the virus:

  • The people go shopping for one or two days of food (using the food as the opportunity to go for a walk)
  • Not all the customers in the supermarkets are protected on their face nor their hands. They touch the products and could have the virus and contaminate everything. The rules for the supermarkets are clear. If the customers don’t respect the rules, the supermarket closes. So a Corporate Social Responsible pressure should be put on the supermarkets so they make sure nobody comes with naked hands or naked faces. The police should make controls several times a day and shouldn’t hesitate to make examples by closing somes supermarkets in order to make the people aware that the individual protections are part of a public duty.
  • It has been said that during a small amount of time, the coronavirus can stay alive on different materials. Can’t the full safety of the food and consumption goods be ensured with a certification at the highest level, on the whole channel of the food production, from the producer to the final distributor and customer to ensure there is no coronavirus? It would mean that at each step of the channels, some sanitary controls should be made, on the products and on the workforce who deals with these products along the processes of production/distribution.

In other words, the food and necessity products channels need to be a 100% SAFE, guaranted by an International Certification at the Highest Level of Safety, with immediate application and controls by the officials Bureau of Certification Controls accredited by the countries.

The process is heavy but it makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is not making sure of having a 100% SAFE food chain and delivery at home with no coronavirus! At this stage, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is concerned as well as the big international food distributors.

Why don’t all the countries follow the model implemented in Monaco to organize and limit the numbers of people in the supermarkets?

The IMEDD explains…
Monaco is a country committed to the use of technologies and innovation and to a great quality of life while being very concerned about the economy impacts on the environment (mainly the transports with always the ambition of lowing the CO2 emissions).
In Monaco, the leading food distributor is Carrefour.
For solidarity to the elderly people, the Monaco City Hall is in charge with Carrefour Monaco.

Now, look at the video below and see by yourself what happened in Monaco during the first days of the crisis, one of the most educated country of the world… Incredible to see that in Monaco…

▶️ #Carrefour a été pris d'assaut ce lundi à #Monaco, comme nombre d'enseignes d'alimentation où des files d'attente impressionnantes se forment en prévision du confinement pressenti pour lutter plus efficacement contre le #coronavirus▶️ Pour rappel, le Gouvernement Monaco incitait hier au bon sens : "Le Gouvernement princier a multiplié les contacts avec différents secteurs de la vie socio-économique tout au long du week-end, notamment, avec le secteur de la grande distribution. Celui-ci assure qu’il n’y a aucune difficulté en approvisionnement en ce moment et qu’aucune inquiétude n’existe pour le futur. Le Gouvernement princier appelle dès lors tout un chacun à ne pas modifier ses habitudes d’achat classiques pour les denrées alimentaires. Il n’y a aucune raison de se précipiter dans les magasins, les réseaux de distribution fonctionnement normalement."

Publiée par Monaco-Matin sur Lundi 16 mars 2020

This video is an example of the distribution of food with social distancing and the safety and health measures implemented by Carrefour Monaco. Though, it also shows the proximity of the people and the risks of contamination. Social distancing is not enough. We have seen it in Italy, which has been in national lockdown and containement for a week now, and we still see the number of cases grow.

To limit these effects, the Monaco’s Government, the Monaco City HallCarrefour Monaco and the pharmacies of Monaco worked all together to prepare an adapted response to the needs of the Monaco people. Their first priority is to protect the elderly people and the persons who are alone in order to  limit their time outside, the risk of contamination and ease their lives.

The Monaco’s Government authorized the pharmacies of Monaco to do a delivery of the medicines at home and provided, on its website, a list of the pharmacies involved in the operation of delivery of medicine to help the elderly and isolated people. This list is available here.

The Monaco City Hall extended its initiative of home delivery for the meals to all the elderly residents of Monaco.

Carrefour Monaco gives priority to the Health workforce so they don’t lose time when they go shopping.

In Monaco, we also have a man who is too scared to go shopping, so he puts a paper bag on his head and takes many risks when he crosses the street.

Parce qu'il faut bien rire un peu dans ce lourd contexte. La séquence décalée du jour à #monaco

Publiée par Monaco-Matin sur Mardi 17 mars 2020

A few kilometers away from Monaco, we find the IMEDD that works with the Monaco Organizations, stuck in Italy, doing telework nights and days with the governments and the United Nations and who shares its reaction when going shopping. The reaction to shopping is so stressful that the IMEDD doesn’t speak anymore French or English, but Italian and wears the colors of Italy and the U.S.A. In other terms, this coronavirus makes the IMEDD totally mad! 🙂

#covid19moments #CheStressQuestoCoronavirus

Publiée par IMEDD sur Jeudi 19 mars 2020

Considering the very innovative solutions implemented by  the Monaco’s Government, the Monaco City HallCarrefour Monaco and the pharmacies of Monaco, considering that the lockdown in the houses and the situation of shopping stress everybody, the IMEDD proposes a solution to the United Nations that can be easily used at International: Carrefour on-Line.

The IMEDD suggests the countries of the United Nations the use of Carrefour on-Line or other food distributors online. The big food supermarkets are present at international in many countries. Talking about Carrefour, this food distributor has big supermarkets, local Carrefour Markets and the Carrefour online service.
The challenge for the food distributors in this time of crisis due to Covid19 is to send a maximum of customers on the Carrefour online food and goods platforms with the goal of limiting the number of people in the supermarkets.

Considering the success story of Carrefour Monaco at the scale of a country, Carrefour Monaco should become the leader to spread the information through the world Carrefour network, starting by the neighbouring city of Ventimiglia in Italy, with the local Carrefour Market which could be a test, before dimensioning at the national scale of Italy and in the other countries.

Here is the actual situation of Carrefour Italy: no possibility to buy online nor to be delivered at home. For the first test in Italy, we need to know that there is a Carrefour in Arma di Taggia that could be the platform for the region Liguria and the local Carrefour Market of Ventimiglia could do the deliveries (with electric vehicles if possible, in order to keep the CO2 emissions at a low level). Certainly, through the Monaco/France/Italy relationships through the Carrefour Group, the Monaco, France and Italy organizations involved in electric mobility, it would be possible to do this.

Carrefour… You the giant…
Italy needs to be able to do the online food and goods shopping on your platform and be delivered at home (the best would be deliveries made with electric vehicles, so we keep being in line with the UNEP, the UNSDG and the Carrefour Environmental Commitments to low the CO2 emissions.

The French can have this safety of being delivered at home.
Why don’t you offer this service to the Italians in the name of equality of rights of access online to food and necessity goods?
This question is part of the United Nations for Human Rights concerns to have the equal access to an online food platform in a time of crisis. Though, it’s not the case for Italy compared to France. Your CSR is committed, Carrefour…

This is part of your Corporate Responsibility, Carrefour,  to put your Italian customers in the biggest safety in this time of Covid19. Providing the online shopping in Italy is part of your duty and your responsibility as a food distributor present in Italy, and one of the best solutions to fight against the propagation of the coronavirus disease.

The United Nations and the countries are made to help the people, so are the big food and goods distributors.