Sustainable mobility is the next gen keyword

As you may know; that Limerick is a city in the Munster province of Ireland. Now be it Limerick or New York pollution and greenhouse effect is a primary concern throughout the world. The global environment is being affected and it is deteriorating day by day. We forget one thing that the more harm we bring onto the environment and ecosystems around us the more harm we bring onto our own survival. Now transport is the activity that consumes most energy and one of the main sources of emissions of gas pollution and the greenhouse effect, territorial space occupation and noise generation.

The current transport model is unsustainable and thus needs a transformation. Limerick as a city is taking active steps towards eco-friendly mobility. Before we proceed lets reiterate the definition of sustainability; it is satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability to satisfy the needs of future generation. Thus we all should embrace the concept of sustainable mobility into action. Through this course the people in Limerick are advised and encouraged to use smarter and sustainable means of transport. If people can avoid the conventional means of transport then we can easily reduce harmful emissions of gases and pollutants.

The sustainability objective of the government is demonstrated through the ‘smarter travel’ initiative. This encourages people to use more and more of public transport rather than using personal vehicles. It promoted cycling for those who are taking short journeys. This is indeed a noble plan of action towards sustainable development. Besides during the European Mobility Week, Limerick held a bicycle repair workshop for children and a class for school pupils on how to safely take the bus. This is indeed a commendable job on the part of the government and authorities in Limerick that they are trying to promote and encourage sustainable mobility among the people and the children.

Thus to sum up we can say that a model of sustainable mobility would be one in whose means of transport consume the least energy and produce less pollution per kilometre travelled and passengers have greater recognition. Limerick as a city is encouraging more of its people to use public transport, shared transport, and travel on foot or using their bike for short journeys. If like Limerick all other cities and its people are made aware of sustainable mobility then it will surely help to reduce the negative effects of the current models of transportation.