Eco-friendly transportation in Galway

Like everywhere else in the world, Galway is also facing climatic challenges which have been directly linked to the fossil fuel used in transportation. Vehicles and other modes of transportation account for about 23% of the total carbon emission in the world, according to the World Bank. With more than one billion personal vehicles plying on roads worldwide, the fossil fuel consumption is only slated to rise in the future. Almost 90% of these vehicles are dependent on oil and are therefore the chief cause of air pollution and green house gas emissions.

The need of the hour is to choose those modes of transport which put less pressure on our natural resources and also sustain our environment. The municipal authorities in Galway are encouraging healthier and sustainable modes of transport and creating public awareness and participation to achieve this goal. The Galway County Council funds infrastructure development initiatives like more pedestrian paths and more cycling lanes to encourage the residents to share responsibility in sustainable mobility.

The municipal initiative also includes expanding the public transport network as its favourable results are visible in other cities of Ireland, like Dublin. An efficient public transport system reduces the stress and congestion on city roads and also saves the environment. It is a cheaper and more sustainable mode of transport. Steps like linking the public transport network with bike tracks, where people can come and park their bikes and travel the rest of the way through a public mode of transport, are also gaining popularity.

Pedestrian walkways and bike tracks will not only be remarkable eco-friendly measures, they will also provide sustainable modes of mobility. Walking and cycling are both healthy forms of exercise and low cost too. At a fraction of the cost of a new car, a bike will not only provide years of service with minimal wear and tear but will also be a great way to stay fit and healthy. The Irish transport authorities are actively involving the city councils across the country to encourage the people to use more sustainable transport which keeps the environment clean and green.

The shift-over to the sustainable means of transportation come with great personal and social benefits. All in all, these eco-friendly measures will not only improve the quality of living but also give us a healthier and greener environment to live in.

More information: Galway County Council